Today is National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day so we shine a light on the benefits of shopping nearly new.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The saving: You can save a bunch of money if you avoid shopping for new items and opt for slightly worn ones instead. Once you take them home and wash them in your own laundry detergent- you’ll never know the difference anyway!

It’s kinder the environment: Shopping second-hand prevents textiles and other items being sent to landfill, so you are doing your bit for the earth by buying someone else’s discarded purchase.

You can shop for the whole family under one roof: Charity shops cater for women, men and kids, so there’s no need to split up and go off to individual shops- you can purchase items together and the saving means you can spend your money on days out together instead.

Money goes to charitable causes: If you choose to buy from a charity shop- you know that your money is going towards something worthwhile- and not just into the profits of a large brand. Where you spend your money says a lot about what you believe in.

You don’t feel as guilty: When an item wears out or you pass it onto someone else- the guilt is minimal- unlike if you’d spent a small fortune on something.

Some things still have their labels on: If you are a really savvy shopper- you might come across something that has never been worn-simply put in wardrobe and forgotten about. You are essentially getting a new item at a better than sale price.

You can shop for other areas of the home too: It’s not just to benefit your wardrobe, but you might find a book to read on your upcoming holiday, a trinket or gadget for one of the rooms in your home or even that movie you never got to see at the cinema. Who knows what you might find!

Happy National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day!

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