By @FionnualaMcNult

It’s time to step up your hair game. It may seem with straight hair that you are limited to just having your hair down your back or in front of your shoulders it is time to think again. Even though those hair styles are extremely easy to do and may even gain you an extra 5 minutes in bed, you need to switch it up. Using these styles you can transform your hair and give it a whole new vibe. Here are 8 different ways to add a bit of spice to your straight hair and make people wonder how you made it look so good.   

Photo credit: Unplash

Photo credit: Unplash

Snap Clips 

This might be one of the easiest ways to style your hair as it requires minimal effort all you need is a snap clip. If you really want your hair to be down however you are getting tired of putting the front sections behind your ears, take a snap clip and pull back the front sections and clip them at the back for an easy, sophisticated and practical way to wear your hair. You can also part your hair to one side and slide the clips on the smaller section of hair, you can opt for one or more clips the decision is yours depending how extra you want to go. I would recommend opting for a gold set of clips and a silver set of clips so you have colours for any outfit and any occasion. 

Plait it

This style is as old as time and seems to never go out of fashion, in fact designers on the runway seem to step it up each year from french plaits to 5 strand plaits there is no limit on your imagination. One style that has been modelled on Love Island by islanders such as Chloe and Liberty is two small french plaits at the front of the head tied off with clear elastic bobbles. It is the perfect way to keep the hair out of your face and keep you cool in the sun. Another way to style plaits is to take inspiration from Molly Mae who is frequently sporting one large french plait, no need to worry about how neat it is the messier the better, Molly Mae seems to pull extra strands out to give that effortless look. 

Slicked back 

It seems the islanders have dominated the hair scene as Faye regularly doned the slicked back hairstyle which really brought the focus to her face and outfit. It is the perfect hairstyle for off the shoulder outfits, halter necks and spaghetti strap dresses as it emphasises the decolletage. The best way to do this is to invest in a good moose and hairspray, douse the hair in moose and come back the hair completely off the face, on a cool setting dry the hair and finish with a light coating of hairspray for a style that will last all night long. 

Bubble ponytail

This has been one of my favourite hairstyles to come out of 2021, it is the perfect festival to go to especially on camping festivals when showers may not be usable. You can opt for a high or low ponytail, then take small sections and tie a bobble in place you can do as many or as few as you like, obviously with longer hair you can end up with quite a few bobbles. When all bobbles are in place begin to pull opposite sides of each section to create a ‘bubble’ like effect. You can also split the hair into two sections and create bubble pigtails. 

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Flip up ends

This style soared with popularity when the infamous Bella Hadid wore this style on the red carpet. It is such a simple way to style the hair and can be done whilst you straighten your hair, instead of straightening as you normally would, as you reach the end and begin to turn the straightener up to create a flick. You can then either leave it down or you can try a half up half down style by splitting the top from the bottom half and tie into a ponytail, pull some strands out at the front for a stylish look.