Sudocrem can be used for many different things

Sudocrem can be used for many different things

We're all on the lookout for a beauty product that tackles a number of things and doesn't cost the earth. Well, it seems we have found it, Sudocrem.

What has been used as a nappy rash cream for decades, has now made its way to our beauty shelves too.

Cheryl Cole is a big fan of the product. Telling a magazine: 'It really works" when she's using it on blemishes.

More and more people are using it to treat spots, dried skin, cold sores and even sunburn. Superdrug has reported a staggering 150 per cent rise in the sale of Sudocrem from February last year.

Which is not surprising when you consider it's priced at £2.75 a  tub, it's a lot cheaper compared with some of the products on the shelves.

Simon Comins, Superdrug Director of Toiletries, told the Daily Mail: "This has been the year when tried and tested beauty classics are must-haves, not just because they tend to cost less, but also because they work. With customers trying to cut back on their spending we've notice a significant rise in customers buying cost effective multi-purpose products."

Have you tried it for anything else other than a child's nappy rash? I have and swear by it to reduce redness in spots.

Go and buy your tub now and see what it can do for your skin

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