Enjoy a bubble bath today

Enjoy a bubble bath today

Christmas is over and the stresses of the New Year are upon us. As we hurtle into 2013 it’s important to remember to relax and what better way to do this than to have a bath?  People have been letting their worries float away like this for thousands of years, but how did it all start?

The Ancient Greeks were the first to recognise the bath’s soothing and hygienic properties, and the first to establish public baths.

Likewise, the Ancient Romans wised up pretty quick.  Even back then most people’s daily routine included a trip to the baths. Well ahead of their time and as advanced as our spas today, this could have included a dip in the hot tub, a brief break in the sauna and a refreshing swim in the cold pool. 

Bathing declined in the 16th century with the switch from woollen to linen clothing. Instead of risking bad air getting into the body people were encouraged to own and change their shirts instead!  

Thoughts that bathing might lead to better health began to shift in the middle and late 18th century. Large public baths were revived and health authorities to urged people to bathe regularly.

Through the 19th century many European countries developed a water distribution network to provide water to individual homes and the history of bathing was transformed. For many, baths became a Saturday afternoon ritual.  Bath water was shared by all the family –with the highest status family member taking the bath – and the cleanest water - first! The idea of a daily bath or shower soon became widespread.

Family brand, Vosene, originally famous for its iconic green bottle of medicated anti-dandruff shampoo, has been helping people stay healthy and clean since 1949. Since then, it has diversified into providing a much wider range of hair care products and more recently even  bubble baths and body wash. Vosene’s Helen Maddin from Vosene  said:  “We have always been fascinated by the history of bathing, and National Bubble bath day is not only a great excuse for another soak but also to reflect on what a great creation the humble bubble bath really is!”

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