Can This Pill Improve Your Life?

Can This Pill Improve Your Life?

A new pill that claims to add years to our lives is due to hit shelves in Boots stores this week but scientists say the drug is misleading.

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is already on sale in health food shops around the UK but now it's going mainstream. The pill promises to help maintain natural energy levels and boost your health, heart and immune system.

It will cost just 60p per pill when it's stocked in Boots from this week and the store are so confident that it works that they are offering a money-back guarantee if customers are convinced after seven days.

Experts have been aware of CoQ10 for many years and it's already used in some anti-aging skin creams.

A study of the supplement published last week found that it enabled those who took it to exercise for longer before getting tired.

Despite these claims Professor David Colquhoun told Marie Clare that he believes the drug is 'deliberately misleading customers': "Yes, CoQ10 helps the body convert glucose into energy, but it's not the psychological get-up-and-go energy you feel day to day," he said.

Nutrionists are advising that we'd benefit more from a healthy balanced diet and lots of fresh fruit. Yes we've heard it all before but perhaps we should listen.

Caz Moss- Female First