Former golfer Stefanie Kogler is revolutionizing the online beauty industry with partner Thomas Kogler. Together, they are making women stronger and bolder through sharing lessons learned on the way towards making their business a hit.

Stefanie Kogler image credit Stefanie Kogler

Stefanie Kogler image credit Stefanie Kogler

How many of you have felt that there is a strong hand of destiny turning and twisting your life to make you achieve what you truly deserve? Golfer turned beauty entrepreneur, Stefanie Kogler, realized quite late that professional golfing was not her true calling and there was a secret career waiting to reveal itself.

The transition from playing golf to leading a beauty business

At present, Stefanie focuses her time empowering women by suggesting to them the right products to improve the conditions of their skin. Alongside acting as a catalyst to boost women’s confidence, Stefanie also helps them to build their digital businesses and shares her knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Stefanie believes that focusing on a business model that can be operated online is a boon in today’s age. It not just gives entrepreneurs the much-needed financial independence but also the freedom to work from anywhere. One can perform all actions remotely and connect with potential customers from any place. Stefanie’s step into the beauty business was driven by her motivation to help her own acne-related skin problems that were the cause for her lack of confidence in making a public appearance during golf events. Though she gave up pursuing golf due to issues with her spinal cord, she started addressing her skin problems with more intensity than ever before, only to be rewarded with a potential business opportunity and a promising career after golf.

The cornerstones of her success

Stefanie has come a long way since she started her beauty business around seven years ago. Learning how to effectively negotiate deals, market her products on social media, create a community of advocates, upskill to know the science behind her products, and work in a team with people having varied strengths have conjoined to make her achieve and earn six figures in revenue now. She believes that coming from an athletic background has helped her to achieve success in a new business within a short time. Her resilience, her ability to endure setbacks, and her disciplined and organized method of working are the fundamental qualities of any athlete that favored her to seamlessly execute her business processes.

Living for a better tomorrow

Stefanie is working towards helping nearly ten thousand women by guiding them to build their online businesses and making them financially independent. She is doing so by sharing her stories, visions, and lessons learned, and teaching them techniques to balance time between family and career.