Michelle Mone OBE invested £1m into the launch of her new tanning range

Michelle Mone OBE invested £1m into the launch of her new tanning range

Have you had trouble in the past achieving a streak-free, even tan result? Well the experts at Ultimo Beauty have put together a simple how-to guide taking you limb from limb to guarantee a perfect summer colour result.

What you need
Diamond Dust Body Exfoliator
Fake tan mitt
Dry cloth
Damp cloth
Your choice of Gradual or Instant
Deluxe Gradual Tan – Miami Beach
Deluxe Gradual Facial Tan – Miami Beach
Self – Tan Lotion Medium – Marbella Gold
Self – Tan Lotion Dark – Ibiza Extreme
Self – Tan Mousse Medium – California Sun
Self – Tan Mousse Dark – Brazilian Bronze
L.A. Instant Glamour Shimmer Tan
Shimmering Golden Body Moisturiser
A spare pair of hands at the ready for the tricky bits

Before we start…
Step 1: Begin by applying Diamond Dust Body Exfoliator from top-to-toe on dry skin and rub in gently. Jump in the shower and rinse to remove any unwanted dead skin cells.
Step 2: Ensure that you are dry from top to toe ahead of your tan application. Now we’re ready…

The Feet

1. Place your hand in the mitt and apply the tan to the surface. Starting from the toes, use a circular motion and gently blend the tan to the tops of the feet moving towards the ankle.
2. Moving up the foot, ensure you are applying to the sides of the feet in the same motion. Apply more product if need be.

The Ankle to Knee

3. Apply more product to your mitt, continuing the same circular motion paying particular attention to the ankles using product sparingly.
4. Moving up the leg, continue to spread evenly all over until, remembering to apply to the backs of the leg. Once at the knee- again use sparingly, blending well and bending the knee to ensure even coverage.

TIP: Have a dry cloth to hand and lightly buff around the ankle and knee area to remove any excess and relish in a totally natural tan.

Upper Leg and Body

5. Continuing to apply more product, continue the same sweeping movements up the thigh ensuring even coverage front and back.
6. Now at the buttocks, cover where needed and move up the abdomen, and back…you may need an extra hand with this.
7. As you get to the chest, continue the same method but be sparing with the amount of tan as you get to the décolleté area.
TIP: Have that dry cloth close by to remove any excess at the base of the neck.

Neck and Face

8. If you’ve opted for UTan Gradual Facial Self-Tan Miami Beach, apply as a regular night cream blending down the neck towards the décolleté. Any residue? Apply a minimal amount to the ears, then using your damp cloth, gently wipe around the eyebrows and lip area to avoid any unwanted shadows.
9. When using all other UTan Self-Tan products, apply sparingly around the face and down towards the base of the neck, ensuring you get the ears with anything leftover. Again, wipe around the eyebrows and lip area to ensure an even colour result.

Almost there…Arms

10. Starting at the shoulders apply as far round the back as you can reach and continue the circular motions down the upper arm, front and back, applying sparingly around the armpits.
11. As you get to the elbow, rub in minimal product, then continue to move down the lower arm until you get to the wrist.
TIP: Grab a slightly damp cloth to wipe the elbow area to ensure even coverage across the arm area.
12. Now at the wrist, use the residue on the mitt and gently apply continuing to move down the hand, closing the fingers as you rub down to the tips. Follow by opening the fingers and continue to blend.
TIP: Have that damp cloth to hand again to ensure a natural overall tan from top to toe.

REMEMBER to moisturise daily once the tan has developed with Shimmering Golden Moisturiser to ensure longevity of your colour.

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