Kristen Stewart has been spotted with thinner hair in recent weeks

Kristen Stewart has been spotted with thinner hair in recent weeks

Could stress and heartbreak be the cause of Kristen Stewart’s hair loss woes?

The Twilight star has been recently spotted with a large bald patch on the side of her head, fuelling rumours that she has been struggling to deal with the recent post break up stress from her ex, Robert Pattison.

A recent study by Nourkrin, the UK’s number one hair supplement, found that 89% of women questioned found stress had been a major influence on the health of their hair, with it causing thinning and in some cases major hair loss.

It’s not only image-conscious stars like Kirsten relying on extensions to add volume to their hair. The survey also found that two thirds of UK GPs have seen a rise in the number of women distressed and seeking help with hair loss with 70% of these hair loss cases being down to an increase in stress levels.

Dr. Wendy Denning, a Harley Street GP with a specific interest in women's health comments: "I have seen many cases of thinning hair and hair loss over the years. Although most people think of hair loss being a problem for men, it is surprisingly common for women after the menopause and increasingly in young women. Of course there are many reasons for hair loss including hormonal changes, poor nutrition and certain medications - but one of the most common reasons that is on the rise, is stress-related hair loss”.

Celebrity hairdresser Jo Hansford MBE, whose clients include Angelina Jolie and Gwynenth Paltrow comments: "Many of my clients are concerned about hair loss, whether it's due to stress, hormonal changes such as being pregnant, or general over styling issues. Whatever the problem, it feels good to help them by explaining the benefits of Nourkrin. This is a natural, scientifically proven supplement for thinning hair, hair loss and general hair maintenance. Over time I have really seen the difference that Nourkrin makes to encourage hair growth and to the renewed confidence it gives my clients." 

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