Since March 2020, COVID-19 has put the world on lockdown. Few industries have been safe from the effects of this pandemic. The hardest hit was the aesthetics market.

Lip Bunny

Lip Bunny

In December 2020, studies showed that the majority of all aesthetic procedures in the United States were deferred, dropped, or delayed due to the pandemic. While many businesses were forced to shut their doors for good, those that did make it have opportunities awaiting.  Business Wire forecasted in their 2020 to 2024 Medical Aesthetics Market Analysis that the industry would grow by $7.64 billion between 2020 and 2024. Brianna LaTorre (The Lip Bunny), the founder of The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa, was one of the fortunate ones to have the ambition to make it through those grim months to appreciate the predicted growth. Here she speaks about the impact COVID-19 had on the market and specifically her business.

A Time of Reflection

When LaTorre shut down The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa to help flatten the curve, she was unsure of what would become of her business, when she would open again, and how different the world would be when the pandemic was over. It proved to be a challenging experience, but she wasn't alone. While the entire market was turned upside-down, she used that time to reflect. LaTorre stepped back and took a look at what she had created. She began planning how to continue developing and expanding her brand.

Taking Advantage of Telehealth

Like many other businesses that survived the initial days of lockdown, LaTorre quickly turned to telehealth to keep her business alive. Telehealth is defined as the delivery and facilitation of health-related services through tech, such as virtual appointments. LaTorre and her team created a secure and safe environment for their clients, using proper cybersecurity and firewalls. This allowed her clients to directly communicate with The Lip Bunny staff members, who could answer questions or concerns without the client worrying about their private information being exposed. All patient files, photos, and data are well protected from outside sources, and security will continue to be a top priority at The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa.

Implementing Safety and Cleanliness Protocols

Once reopened, The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa implemented additional safety and cleanliness protocols to ensure their clients would be coming to a safe and reliable establishment. These protocols are now standard practice, and their clientele can continue to go to The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa knowing they are cared for and well-protected. LaTorre has always made cleanliness, sanitation, and overall client safety her number one priority. She and her team have implemented all recommendations by the CDC, and they will continue to abide by these recommendations to ensure every client feels confident they are entering a safe environment.

Adapting to the New Normal

Though The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa is a medical practice, LaTorre doesn't want clients to feel like they're in a traditional doctor's office. She wants them to feel like they're at a place of beauty and relaxation. But since the pandemic, this has proven to be more difficult. The admins, who would typically present a big smile ready to welcome clients to the spa, now wear masks and can't express that emotion of joy and appreciation as easily. Adapting to this new normal has taken and will continue to take many businesses and clients some time to get used to. Nevertheless, LaTorre and her team at The Lip Bunny are dedicated to presenting the safest, friendliest, and most professional atmosphere to all of their clients.