The world of false eyelashes was a fairly boring place for years… and years… and years. Then came clear band technology (groundbreaking at the time!), then came flares and clusters and even pro extensions. Then there was another few years of little innovation and a stagnating category. The scene was set for a gamechanger, and eventually magnetic lashes rose to the challenge.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes

It’s been a fun few years

Initially, magnetic lashes were a little, shall we say, clumsy. They were a sandwich affair, there was a lash to go on the top, a lash to go underneath – and they sandwiched your natural lashes. They were a bit meh, they slipped and slid all over the place. But they were popular nonetheless. Amazing looking lashes without fiddling about with glue? Hallelujah!

Magnetic eyelashes of the sandwich variety were plugged on TV and in pretty much every newspaper and beauty magazine on planet earth. But the cold, hard truth is that a lot of people had problems applying them, and even more people had problems getting them to stay on longer term. After all, if your natural eyelashes aren’t as strong as an ox, the sandwich lashes had very little to hold onto.

Enter: magnetic lash and liner kits

After a few years of frustration and lots and lots of swearing, magnetic lash and liner kitswere born. Now there’s no need to mess around sandwiching your natural lashes and hoping and praying your magnetics stay in place. Lash and liner kits are so much easier and more practical to use; just apply the magnetic liner to your eyelid then pop the magnetic lash on top.

Voila! Super stylish lashes in seconds, no need for lash glue – no need to visit a salon or a lash tech.

The great thing about magnetic eyelashes is that if you look after them well, they’ll ast for many, many applications. Another great thing about them is that they come in all of the top selling styles you’d find traditional strip lashes in. Yes, you can get them in Ardell Wispies, and you can also get them in Kiss Charm too. How great is that?

Our favourite lash hack

Here’s a little hack just for our readers: If you have some of the older style magnetic sandwich lashes lying around that you simply couldn’t get on with, you can buy the new magnetic liner on it’s own. You can buy a little glass pot of Ardell magnetic liner, or a black tube of the Kiss liner – whichever takes your fancy. You can then use the magnetic liner as directed, and pop just the top lash from your sandwich lash set on your eyelid – and there you are! Glam eyes in an instant, and you haven’t broken the bank either.

The only bad news is that magnetic liner is only available in black at the moment – so if you’re looking for a clear magnetic liner you’ll have to wait just a little longer. It hasn’t been invented yet! Magnetic lashes are an absolute game-changer for so many people. Those with allergies to lash glue, those who simply couldn’t abide the fiddling involved with applying traditional strip lashes, and those who didn’t want to use lash glues (which in times gone by have included nasties like formaldehyde in their formulations.) We absolutely love magnetic lashes, and we think you will too!