Sarah Jones

In today's modern world we somehow expect our skin care products to work miracles on our skin without fully realising that they are just a small piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Not acknowledging our personal responsibility for our health, look and feel of our skin are defiantly the most common mistake I see and it ultimately comes from a place of not loving ourselves enough.

I so strongly believe that beauty on the outside begins with beauty on the inside, therefore, essential to skin vitality is a healthy lifestyle, inner peace, positivity, confidence and overall balance.

In order to truly care for your skin you have to listen to it - a principle that is built on love, touch, gratitude and grounding. Admittedly the concept of listening to your skin may sound a little strange, but think about it along the same lines as trusting your intuition. Each person I treat with my signature TOUCH treatments has different needs and keys to wellness. There is never a one-size fit's all rule. But trust me when I say your skin knows how to heal itself.

In other words, the quality of the skin is your blueprint to understanding your overall health. But I have to admit that this might sound complicated because too often or not we bury things away and that's why I have put together my basic skin cues - they won't turn you into a Face Whisperer, but they might help you to end the war between you and your skin issues once and for all.

My Skin Cues by skin types:

Dry skin - If your skin is dry, your skin will feel flaky, dry and tight. Dry skin can easily develop a sallow tone, wrinkles and it is very prone to aging and irritation.

Beyond the epidermis: Dry skin is ultimately linked to deep-rooted stresses. A particular memory of something maybe eating away at you and it is not just one of those problems that can easily be fixed. It is attached to your emotion and plays a significant part in your life lesson. Or you may find that you are such a kind and caring person that does everything for the people around you, but you forget to look after yourself. One of the most common personality traits of dry skin is being very self-critical.

Oily / acne skin - Oily skin is problematic - it usually looks greasy, thick, coarse, and shiny. There is also a tendency for enlarged pores and breakouts.

Beyond the epidermis: You will find you have regular small outbursts of anger. You are not a relaxed person within yourself and as a result, you put a lot of pressure on yourself emotionally. You may also be prone to judging yourself a lot. Or it might be the case that you have experienced relationship life lessons with males and therefore cannot be at one in male situations for many varied circumstances. Self-expression is sometimes difficult for you and harmony of life is sometimes disjointed.

Sensitive skin - Sensitive skin is the most problematic and fragile type of all skin types. It is usually very dry, tends to feel tight, becomes inflamed and irritated easily and is also prone to the odd breakout or two.

Beyond the epidermis: You possess a lot of hurt and upset deep down whether it is present or past. In other words, your inner sensitivities are being emotionally struck. You can be shy, reserved and you worry a lot about what other people think of you. But most of all you hate confrontation because you are a very kind and caring person, who always puts other people first.

Normal - Normal skin is the least problematic type, therefore your complexion is nothing less than radiant and your skin should look clean, healthy and soft.

Beyond the epidermis: You will find that you are happy with your inner-self and happy with your life. You don't want more or less you are happy just being, because you have found your balance.

Always remember just as our personality affects our general health, it also influences our skin and your skin will thank you for listening and actually, so will your soul.