If something's not broke don’t fix it! That's why many of us stay loyal to our beauty products; that, and of course the time it takes to find something new.

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

So what do you do when you go online to order a replenishment and you see ‘out of stock’? Then, visiting a store just to hear those dreaded words, "Sorry that’s been discontinued"?

You could search the internet and stockpile, but that isn’t really the answer as at some point you do have to find a replacement. If you do want to go down that route, Estee Lauder has a website called Gone But Not Forgotten, where they will find items from selected brands that have left store shelves.

More often than not it’s make-up that gets discontinued rather than beauty creams - although Clarins has just had a change over with their exfoliators! The One-step gentle exfoliating cleanser being replaced with Fresh Scrub, Comfort Scrub and Pure Scrub for different skin types has shaken many beauty gurus! Are they better? Well, there’s certainly more choice!

Why would a beauty company discontinue my favourite lipstick or foundation?

Well it could be there is a low demand for the item! Or the packaging is being updated, which is easier to swallow as it means the product will eventually make a return.

There's always the chance however, that it’s been replaced with something new; labs are constantly working with new ingredients and methods.

Or it could be something quite important, like there being a ban on one of the ingredients or preservatives in the product. The regulations in the UK are strict and one slight change can effect the scent or function of a formula.

So what should you do?

Firstly, think of it as a positive: skin can become immune when using the same product for too long, and a new formula will give your skin a healthy glow.

Notice how when you’ve used the same scent for a long time you can’t smell it on yourself, because your sense of smell has adapted to it! Enjoy the new perfume. There’s one you have to try that's just been launched by Chanel, called Gabrielle - it’s incredible.

You could campaign on social media: Georgio Armani did bring back their Face Fabric Second Skin Make-up after a two year barrage of tweets started by Khloe Kardashian.

Research on the net! Follow bloggers such as Lisa Elderidge, Pixxi Woo, British beauty bloggers, and message them with a question.

The next stage is leg work! You will need to go in-store to trial and match to your skin - remember to check for allergies. Beauty products are amongst the few items that still require a hands-on search. The only problem here is there’s a lot of temptation: ever gone in for just one lipstick and come out with a handbag full? You're not the only one!

With lipstick, go to a brand that has a vast range of colours, such as Charlotte Tilbury or Mac; more than likely you will find something similar to your discontinued fave.

As for foundation: be prepared and go with knowledge of your skin type, colour tone, and whether you want it for day or for night.

Banned? Discontinued? Replaced?

Whatever! Try something new: it maybe even better than what you had before!

-Karen J.