Elize Du Toit

Elize Du Toit

The stars came out to shine at last night's TV Bafta awards but unfortunately some didn't shine quite as well as others in the style stakes, yes that means you Elize Du Toit, Christine Bleakley and Mischa Barton.

Talking of shining ex-Hollyoaks star Elize Du Toit decided to ensure maximum attention by making a dress, and accessories completely from tin foil. It's been quiet from Elize ever since she left the soap as Izzy but surely things haven't got so bad she's taken to making clothes from household items.

The material, the colour, the giant flower taking over her shoulder, it's all just too much and we can't quite understand why Elize thought this was a good choice of outfit. Are there no mirrors in her house?

Even if the dress was made out of a normal fabric it just wouldn't work. It's too short, too poofy and too silver. We know that the one shoulder style is still big for dresses but while one strap looks sexy, one arm just looks crazy.

And asif we didn't get enough silver with the dress Elise has added a silver bag, silver earrings, silver hair clip and, what looks suspiciously like, a silver tail We give up.

From too much of one colour to too much of another we go to Christine Bleakley and her swamp coloured dress.

Christine is gorgeous and has a great figure but she has decided to cover it in this shapeless number that looks like it's been dragged through a dirty puddle to get the colour.

She's accessorised it with a matching bangle that looks like a giant hair bobble. We like her bag though, at least she's done something right!

Finally on to someone who really should no better, Mischa Barton.

Mischa is regarded as a bit of a style icon but recently she's taken to the habit of covering every part of her body with shapeless maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses look great when they are strappy, strapless or even halterneck but with long sleeves and high neck lines they're more reminiscent of Victorian nightdresses.

The dress looks heavy for a regular day but in that sunshine Mischa must be sweltering. Even the detailed neckline can't save this dress.

Please try something shorter and cooler next time Mischa, you're only 23 after all!