Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson

Designer and fashion icon Erin Wasson has revealed her style secrets in a new interview.

The Guardian grilled the starlet about her wardrobe secrets, why she hates the hairdressers and how she gets treated for being a model.

When asked about what her clothes say about her, Wasson replied bluntly: "I think they say that I really couldn't give two shits. It's like, take it or leave it."

It's a pretty refreshing attitude to have in this business, and to hear that she's low key about her make-up routine, and apparently hates the hairdressers as well, makes us like her even more.

"I loathe hair salons. People have always told me I am in the wrong business because I can't stand getting my hair cut or having it messed around with.

"Hairdressers feel as if they've got to be your shrinks. I just want them to do my hair, so I can get out of there."

She also admits that her style is judged differently because she's a model, adding: "I think that things are dissected a bit more."

"Just the fact that I've got these shoes on, people are going to be like, 'Oh, she's a model, of course she can phone the designer and of course they're going to send them to her and everyone else in the whole world has to wait six months for them.'"

Despite her reputation for being a fashion pioneer, when asked by The Guardian if there was anything she wouldn't wear, she replied: "I'm really not into that super-crazy-colour, smiley-faces-on-the-front-of-your-dress look.

"That's not my thing. You're not going to see me in pink. Or anything frilly. Or a tutu. Or bows."

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