Alexa Chung shows off her own London street style

Alexa Chung shows off her own London street style

Alexa Chung may be known and loved for her style, but here she reveals her fashion icons. 

The 30 year old reveals she looks to different people for her style, choosing English musician and frontman of The Rolling Stones, Sir Mick Jagger, or the late Nirvana star Kurt Cobain when she wants to create tomboy look.

Whereas if she wants more feminine style, she says she looks to English actress Jane Birkin or French singer Françoise Hardy. 

Quizzed on her go-to style inspiration, she told Stylist magazine: "Mick Jagger or Kurt Cobain if I'm feeling tomboyish. On a girlie day, it's Jane Birkin or Françoise Hardy."

But she's not only influenced by the fashion icons, but street style too. 

Alexa loves London street style and thinks the unique look doesn't compare to anywhere else.

She said: "London street style is the best in the world. Fact.

"It's hard these days, most things have gone and there's only bad 80s stuff left. LA is still good for bargains but it's tricky to find gems in London and New York now."

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