Gia Coppola picks some of her favourite fashion pieces from FarFetch

Gia Coppola picks some of her favourite fashion pieces from FarFetch

Gia Coppola has a lot to live up to, what with a family famous for their work in films and of course her aunt’s stylish persona too.

This month sees the release of Gia’s first film Palo Alto, adapted from James Franco’s short story, in which the actor stars alongside Emma Roberts.

In an interview with online fashion retailer Farfetch Gia discusses the film, the costumes in the film and of course her favourite designers.

Gia is the niece of filmmaker Sofia Coppola and whilst Sofia may be known for her incredible work in the movie industry she’s also highly ranked in the fashion industry too, thanks to her no-fuss style and friendships with some well-known designers. So it’s no wonder fashion runs in the family.

Gia says: ‘I have a real appreciation for fashion; it's a way of self-expression.  I enjoy seeing how my friends - Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Rodarte - use clothes to create their vision and art.’

Her love of fashion also shows in film too, with great attention-to-detail for the costumes of her characters: ‘Costumes say a lot about a character, when it came to Palo Alto it was important for me that the kids didn't look perfect.  In most teen movies today all of the clothes are expensive.  I remember wearing a lot of dirty vintage clothes.’

Discussing the film, Gia says: ‘It was a natural fit. I was really interested in the subject matter of teenagers - I had just finished college and had had enough separation where I could reflect back on those awkward years.  So when I read James' [Franco’s] book it really felt right.

‘I look up to James.  He has such an amazing work ethic - it's really inspiring.  He's completely fearless.  I strive to be more like that. I was very nervous about doing a feature film but I was lucky to have someone like James, who believed in me so much and took me through it so I was able to not worry and just enjoy creating.’

We look forward to seeing the film this month, and seeing what else comes from Gia. She’s definitely one to watch in terms of fashion and film. 

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