Make sure the bride has a hen party to remember

Make sure the bride has a hen party to remember

A wedding is a joyous time filled with love and adoration - but with it comes a lot of stress for all of those involved.

Your role may be big or small but that doesn't stop the worry that everything is 'perfect'.

Here, we have ten top tips for a successful Hen party:

· Get the bride to give you a list of all her best friends she'd like there then keep the other arrangements a big secret until she arrives at the party.

· Cut out email chains by creating a doodle chart online for all of the hens to tick their availability.

· Make sure you have a great playlist ready of feel good songs to get the party going. 

· Ask each hen to suggest a song which reminds them of the bride and produce a hen party CD for each hen to keep.

· Funny name badges are great for parties when not all the hens have met before - we recommend these in the shape of knickers.

· As the chief Hen ensure you have a few ice-breakers prepared, for example ask everyone to tell the group how they first met the bride including any amusing anecdotes.

· Play a quick game of ‘good pants bad pants’ Here the girls round the table have to guess who’s wearing the prettiest pants and who’s have been in a few too many mixed colour washes! 

· Nothing beats the sound of corks popping (cut costs and use cava, add cassis liqueur and you've made a delicious girlie cocktail).

· Make sure you take a camera to record the event!  

· Book a Party Pants party to add some spice to the fun. Two hours of hilarious girlie creativity to get everyone in the party spirit.

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