Could Kate become an X Factor judge?

Could Kate become an X Factor judge?

Kate Moss is been lined up as a new judge on the X Factor the Croydon Guardian reports.

The paper says that Simon Cowell is keen to hire the model to drive ratings higher.

Despite having no music experience, except for a few Youtube performances with ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty, Simon believes that Kate has the right qualities to become a judge.

He thinks that her experience under the media's spotlight would help offer contestants advice on life in the public eye.

He said: "Anyone with the experience of surviving in this business would be great.

"I've learned not to rule anything out. It’s the unexpected, the bizarre, that’s what makes it interesting."

Kate was a regular face in the X Factor's studio audience and is said to have become friends with both judge Cheryl Cole and winner Alexandra Burke.

Alexandra told Heatworld, "I saw Kate in the audience a couple of weeks ago and waved to her. I met her properly last week and we hit it off. I am going to her party on Friday. She promised me I could have anything I wanted from her wardrobe. I can't wait."

She added: "She won't be leading me astray. She is a good person and we talked for ages."