Latest: Naomi Campbell has spoken out about her recent operation in Brazil - insisting the surgery saved her life.

The catwalk beauty recently revealed that she went into hospital in South America earlier this year (08) for the removal of two cysts - and doctors also managed to repair her damaged fallopian tubes, meaning she is now able to have children.

But Campbell insists that her condition would have been life-threatening if she hadn't had the operation right away.

She says, "I was in pain for all of last year and in February I collapsed on the floor of my house. My girlfriend in Brazil persuaded me to go and see her doctor.

"The Brazilian doctors took their tests and said, 'We've got to open you up, you've got two benign tumours, 9cm each'. One had leaked and caused an infection. Had I stayed with them in there for a further three months, they said I would have been in danger of my life."

And Campbell admits that the operation had a positive outcome - because it cured her infertility.

She adds, "While they (the doctors) were down there, they saw that both my tubes were blocked, so they unblocked one."