The School Run is the new Runway...for mums

The School Run is the new Runway...for mums

Remember how much fun preparing for the first day of school could be? Crisp, white shirts, new pleated skirts and hair brushed and styled nice and neatly...but that's just the mums.

A new survey has revealed that the school run is considered the new runway for some parents who like to glam themselves up in a bid to get themselves noticed when standing by the school gates.

Results found by a Sainsbury's survey say that one in six women will sport a new hair cut, outfit or even go as far as to show of their summer tan after the school's annual six week break to outdo other mums.

Furthermore, it revealed that mums can spend up to 25 minutwes making themselves look borderline perfect for the school run, seven minutes longer than it will take their less fussy children.

Not only do some mums want to get one up on their fellow school runners, but 58% said that they wouldn't dare make the simple, everyday trip without wearing makeup and would even spend up to £60 on a new outfit for the non-occasion.

Though it's hardly London Fashion Week, mums have said that turning up to the school gates with spots, unwashed and wet hair are unacceptable looks. But why?

Some don't want to be upstaged by younger or prettier mums and so make the effort for their own self confidence issues and others may have a secret crush on a dad or teacher and hope to bump into him whilst looking like a model as well as a mum.

While the majority of mothers admit that their determination to look good is 'ridiculous', they also say that they 'just cannot help themselves'.

In a culture where more and more celebrities are seen picking up their children from school, it's understandable to see where many mums may feel the need to make effort.

Somehow we can't imagine the latest A-list mum-to-be Beyonce turning up to pick up Bey or Jay junior with a greasy mop, can you?

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