Adwoa Aboah and Cara Delevingne became best friends before they started modelling.

Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah

The 25-year-old model has revealed her relationship with fellow catwalk icon and actress has been described as a friendship that only flourished because they are both in the same industry, but the pair insist they were close pals way before they started to appear in fashion campaigns.

Speaking to about their bond, Adwoa said: "[People call us] 'model best friends,' but we were friends before."

And Adwoa is "grateful" for her close friendship with the 'Suicide Squad' actress, because they expect "absolutely nothing" from one another, just true, honest loyalty.

She added: "What I've always been grateful for in our friendship is that we expect absolutely nothing from each other, just friendship."

Cara has admitted she can get "paranoid" when someone sparks up a rapport with her because she questions whether they have an ulterior motive and only want to be her friend for the fame.

Cara said: "You get paranoid that people are going to make friends with you for a reason, that they want something from you.

"[But] I tend not to dwell on the things people say. I've learned how bad that is for your well-being."

Although the fashion muse has been dubious of some people and their friendships, she has never doubted her strong and platonic friendship with Adwoa.

She said: "But never have I ever thought anything other than that we love each other."

Meanwhile, Cara plans to continue "living life" and see where her next project takes her, and the star is "happy" not knowing what her future will hold.

When asked about her upcoming projects, she said: "What's next? Just living life. Who knows? For the first time, I'm happy with not knowing.

"Some days you can do the coolest thing, and you couldn't care."

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