Alex Iwobi begins his day with his “dog fit”.

Alex Iwobi starts his day with an outfit for looking after his dogs

Alex Iwobi starts his day with an outfit for looking after his dogs

The Fulham FC winger is known for his high fashion looks but he always starts his day with an ensemble suitable for looking after his pack of adorable pooches.

The 28-year-old soccer player told at Paris Fashion Week: “You can normally get four or five fits from me in a day. But when I wake up in the morning to sort my dogs out, you could find me in absolutely anything.”

Alex also revealed that he loves Fashion Week because he is interested in what other cultures are “bringing” style-wise, such as South Korean brand Solid Homme.

He said: “It was a vibe. Seeing how people express themselves through clothes, that was an eye opener for me. You don’t really see that on a day-to-day basis but when you come to Paris Fashion Week, everyone’s bringing everything.”

The former Everton player confessed that he is more into clothes than footie at the moment as he hasn’t “been actively keeping up” with the Euros tournament.

Alex said: “I’ve seen a few highlights but I haven’t been actively keeping up. I’m just literally trying to take a break and enjoy [being] away from it."

He dubbed the fashion industry and that of professional soccer as "two different worlds" while sharing he was learning so much while getting to grips with the newer one.

Alex said: "It’s two different worlds and I’m still learning. I’m enjoying it but, to be fair, the people on the team around me have made it smooth, so it’s not been too hectic on my side.”