Alicia Keys wants to 'transform the beauty industry' with lifestyle brand.

Alicia Keys on beauty standards

Alicia Keys on beauty standards

The 41-year-old singer launched Keys Soulcare back in December 2020 and hopes that she is able to "evolve the dialogue" around standard beauty conventions with the skin care line.

She said: "What we’re up to with Keys Soulcare is much more than just skin deep. It’s really about transforming the beauty industry and the concept of beauty. Offerings allow us to [create] a conversation and a community, and talk about routine and how to turn it into a ritual. We’re trying to evolve the dialogue around beauty and even what beauty standards mean, and what [those standards] do to us as humans. As women, we get caught up with feeling like we’re supposed to look a certain way or present ourselves a certain way."

The 'New York' hitmaker went on to explain that it is "powerful" to change norms as she claimed that true beauty comes as a result of self-confidence over anything else.

She told Glossy: "It’s powerful to change existing concepts and allow beauty to be on the inside and how you’re fulfilling your soul and spirit. What makes you beautiful is when you are content and self-confident and know yourself."

The Grammy Award winning star also insisted that her brand - which offers a range of facial products as well as beauty tools and scented candles - is about "perspective" as she urged fans to take time for themselves whilst using her products.

She added: "Keys Soulcare is about a perspective and a point of view and how to implement these pieces into our daily lives. That’s why I call products ‘offerings,’ because it is an offer to join a practice of paying attention to yourself, even if it’s for five minutes while getting ready for work or getting ready for bed.

"I definitely see Keys Soulcare as a lifestyle. It’s something you adopt and a way of thinking and a way of being."

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