Amelia Gray Hamlin swipes clothes from her parents’ wardrobes.

Amelia Gray Hamlin reveals what she swipes from her parents' wardrobes

Amelia Gray Hamlin reveals what she swipes from her parents' wardrobes

The 22-year-old model has confessed to stealing items from her mom Lisa Rinna and dad Harry Hamlin’s closets, including designer garments.

She told PEOPLE: “I steal (but put back) a bunch of my dad’s Calvin Klein white T-shirts and his Nike socks sometimes. He also has really comfy flannel pieces.

“From my mom, I mostly take the tighter, chicer things. I've definitely stolen my fair share of Versace.”

Amelia takes anything she “can get [her] hands on” when it comes to the former ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star’s clothes.

She said: “I take whatever high-fashion things I can get my hands on from that woman's closet, that's for sure.”

Amelia likes to mix and match items from each of their wardrobes.

She explained: “There's so many things in my dad and mom’s closets I can appreciate. I would never pick one closet [to borrow clothes from] for the day. I would have to style both of them together.”

Amelia then pointed out that her parents never remark on her outfits, despite the fact she has clearly been snooping around in their wardrobes.

She said: “What's funny is that neither of them are ever going to comment on what I'm wearing or give me any style advice, because most of the time when I show up to their house I'm in such an insanely weird outfit. They just know that I'm going to do my own thing.”

When her sister Delilah Belle, 25, goes raiding their closets, she also gets to borrow Lisa’s shoes as she’s fortunate enough to be the same size.

Amelia said of her sibling: “She’s my mom's shoe size, so she has had such a lucky time dipping her toes into not only my closet, but also my mom's shoe collection, which I must say is pretty major.”