Dame Anna Wintour is excited about the future of fashion following the coronavirus pandemic.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

The 70-year-old editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine has insisted the industry is in need of change, and now the global health crisis has forced designers to adapt, she is very enthusiastic about what the future may hold.

In an opinion piece written on Vogue.com, she explained: "Fashion has talked about change for years and now it finally is changing.

"How will new collections emerge? How will they be shown? Not in the old ways, and I for one am excited about that."

Despite her sadness for those who have been affected by the contagious deadly virus, Anna praised those who have already made the brave decision to step up and make a drastic change to benefit the fashion industry during the unprecedented period.

The journalist applauded Giorgio Armani, who has recently relocated the presentation of his couture collection from Paris this summer to Milan in January 2021.

She added: "What a benefit to Milan, which has been hit hard by this pandemic, and what a positive model for the industry in that Armani's collection will be seasonless, reflecting Giorgio's important statement that fashion must respond to this crisis by making less, and creating more long-lasting designs.

"I applaud what he's doing and know that others in fashion are watching these developments closely."

Anna's latest comments come after she previously suggested "people's values are really going to have shifted" once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

She said: "I feel very strongly that when we come out at the other end - which we will do - that people's values are really going to have shifted.

"I think it's an opportunity for all of us to look at our industry and to look at our lives, and to rethink our values, and to really think about the waste, and the amount of money, and consumption, and excess - and I obviously include myself in this - that we have all indulged in and how we really need to rethink what this industry stands for."