Anya Taylor-Joy likes to have "fun" and be "extra" with her style on the red carpet.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

The 22-year-old actress always makes sure that her awards season looks are "dramatic" and channels that both through her outfit and her hair and make up.

She said: "What I love most about red-carpet style is that I love magic and fairytales and drama and being extra. If you're not going to have fun on the carpet, when are you? It's such a good opportunity to be a bit dramatic. I'm an actress, I like dramatic things!

"It usually starts with a dress and then I'll go from there. The red-carpet experience itself is a sensory overload. At the beginning I was terrified because I didn't realise yet that it's also a performance. It's keeping your eyes open, trying not to look directly into the flash - or you'll be momentarily blinded - and knowing that these events are a lot more fun if you're going with your friends. And you only make friends in these situations if you spend time working."

The 'Peaky Blinders' star has only recently started her own three-step skincare ritual and making her own face masks because she "grew up" such a "tomboy".

She added to British Vogue magazine: "I grew up such a tomboy that I only recently learned about cleanse, tone, moisturise. It makes a difference when you're living on a plane! I use the Chanel Mousse Confort Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser right now, which is really nice for winter. Then I love True Botanicals, which has a really nice nutrient mist.

"They're really eco-friendly too. There's a Prickly Pear Seed Oil by Mūn which smells so good, too. If I'm going to treat myself I make my own face mask of Bio-Oil mixed with Egyptian Magic. When you wake up the next morning you look like you've had 14 hours of sleep."