Christian Louboutin "felt like a teenager" when attending the Met Gala with Blake Lively.

 Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin

Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin

The 55-year-old fashion icon attended the prestigious 2018 Met Ball with the 30-year-old actress and said that going with a "dear friend" made the event much more exciting.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, he said: "I went with a dear, dear friend ... it's like being a kid where there's the preparation, the fun, the excitement and then the party.

"I felt like a teenager going with a good friend to a great party and having fun before, during and after."

The French designer feels an affinity with Blake as he believes that celebrity friends are just as shy as he is.

He said: "When you're acting you're not shy, you're a different person, you are a different character, and you're playing a character who is not you. And then you go back to your inner person."

The shoe mogul also spoke about how he never meant to build a fashion empire, and only wanted to design shoes.

He said: "As a designer, you have to have a strict view, and that's the difference between a designer versus a big brand that proposes many different things ... I never [wanted] to build a company, I just designed shoes and ended up building a company.

"My first desire was to design beautiful shoes for beautiful girls."

The designer is lazy, but believes that because he is doing something he loves, it doesn't feel like he is working.

He said: "Some people say: 'Oh, my gosh, you work all the time', but it's different. I think it's much easier to work all the time doing something you love, rather than to work even half of your life doing something you don't like.

"Yes, I have always been very, very lazy. I never thought of working! But with commitment, I am less lazy, because after a certain age you understand the importance of commitment. But I am lazy when I don't feel like doing something."