Caitriona Balfe had own hair 'permed and hot rollered' for her role on 'Outlander.'

Caitriona Balfe on her Outlander hairdos

Caitriona Balfe on her Outlander hairdos

The 42-year-old actress - who has starred as Claire Fraser, a World War II nurse transported back to 1743 on the historical fantasy series since 2014 - revealed that her own hair was permed and curled with heat rollers every day during production of the first season.

She said: "In season one, my own hair was permed and hot-rollered every day. [It would take] about an hour and twenty minutes every day."

However, by the time the show entered production of its second season it had been decided that Caitriona - who needed to sport a series of different looks in order to reflect the various time periods her character had found herself in - could wear

wigs as opposed to having to constantly have her own hair styled.

She told Allure: "I'm glad we ended up going with wigs in the end. I'm really lucky. Once the wigs are set and done, [the styling] is usually not happening on my head. That's the great part: you get your head wrapped, and then they just stick them on."

The acclaimed actress also heaped praise on hair and makeup artist Kerry Skelton, who has had the job of transforming the 42-year-old Caitriona into a woman in her mid-fifties, as well as create hairstyles that reflect French aristocracy in the 1700s, 1940s wartime dos and a look that could have believably been seen on the Scottish moors in 1743.

She said: "[Skelton] is amazing, and she has these magic little tricks that she does that highlight the things that [make you look older].

[In the latest season they] go to more formal gatherings, and you see these much more intricate updos. She's able to create these beautiful pieces, and I'm the lucky recipient of being able to wear them."