Camila Cabello felt she needed to make a "physical change" before releasing her new album.

Camila Cabello has explained her thinking behind her new style

Camila Cabello has explained her thinking behind her new style

The 27-year-old pop star is currently preparing to release her much-anticipated album, and Camila has revealed that her new music actually inspired her to dye her hair blonde.

The chart-topping star told the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast: "You know, I felt like I needed a big, physical change.

"I feel, I don't know, my dark hair has been with me for all of my life, like it was just a significant part of how the public saw me, how the world saw me, and how I saw myself."

Camila suggested that her new style embodies a new era in her life and her music career.

The singer - who shot to fame as part of Fifth Harmony, the award-winning girl group - explained: "I feel like it's just been a year of, like, the theme has very much been 'play' and 'transformation' and changing and being brave.

"But I feel like also the music is so different, the world is so different that for so many reasons I was like, 'I feel like physical change needs to accompany that.'"

Despite this, Camila "tried on a couple of wigs" before she committed to going blonde.

But now, she has no regrets about making the decision.

The pop star - who has a huge online following, including more than 65 million followers on Instagram - advised: "I definitely think you need to try wigs because it's such a big change.

"But I do feel like everyone should do it ... it brings out a different part of your personality. It's kind of like a YOLO."

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