Cara Delevingne's parents struggled to get her to wear shoes as a kid because she preferred being "barefoot".

Cara Delevingne hated shoes and clothes as a kid

Cara Delevingne hated shoes and clothes as a kid

The 29-year-old model-and-actress has revealed she would "run away" whenever someone tried to put her in shoes and was "always naked" as a youngster.

Asked what her favourite footwear as a kid was, she replied: "Ooh my favourite pairs of shoes … I don’t know, I was always barefoot, and I was always naked. Yeah, it would be a struggle to put me in a pair of shoes in general, I would run away. So probably my own feet — which is good."

And when she was old enough to choose her own shoes, Cara would wear the same pair of boots so many times that she would walk around with her "pinky toe sticking out the side".

She said: "I would over wear a pair of trainers – sneakers – or like the same pair of leather boots with a hole in the toe, with my pinky toe sticking out of the side. It was quite gross. I would just wear the same thing. It just really meant something to me when it stood the test of time if I could wear the same pair of shoes."

Her favourite shoes now are her old Rihanna Puma Creepers, which she has many pairs of.

She said: "I’m still such a big fan of the old Puma Creepers. I still have loads of those, she [Rihanna] just did them right."

Cara quipped that "heels were made by men" when asked to choose between wearing them and sneakers.

She added to "Trainers or heels? Sneakers or heels? Obviously trainers all day, every day. I’ve seen someone try to make a pair of trainer heels, don’t ever do it, that’s illegal. It shouldn’t be allowed. Ugh! I love trainers so much. Heels were made by men, clearly."

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