Cara Delevingne used to hate wearing heels.

Cara Delevingne hated wearing heels (c) Harper's Bazaar UK/ Pamela Hanson

Cara Delevingne hated wearing heels (c) Harper's Bazaar UK/ Pamela Hanson

The 29-year-old star made her name as a model strutting her stuff for the likes of Jason Wu and Dolce & Gabbana at New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, but she's admitted it didn't come easily to her.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar UK magazine, she said: "I gave modelling a lot of flak for being something that wasn't hard, but are you kidding me?

"I hated wearing heels, and I couldn't walk in them. It took me a long time to learn how to model."

And while 'The Suicide Squad' star has added more string to her bow as an actress, writer and musician, she insisted she isn't leaving modelling behind.

She added: "It doesn't make sense to have to be one thing.

"People ask me, 'How was it transitioning from being a model to an actress?'

"I'm not transitioning anywhere; I'm never going to stop modelling."

Cara also opened up about the importance of forging strong friendships in the industry, as she revealed they have helped her navigate situations she would have struggled to "manage" on her own.

She explained: "It's been so useful to have friends in the industry because I've had so many people help guide me through things I wouldn't have known how to manage."

Although the COVID-19 pandemic made things difficult for everyone around the world - including the entertainment industry - Cara admitted being in lockdown forced her to slow down and put things "into perspective".

She said: "That was the longest time I've ever spent anywhere on the ground. It's crazy to say, but it put a lot into perspective of why we are all pushing ourselves to work all the time. It was a really interesting experience."

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