Catherine, Princess of Wales has been labelled a “disappointment” to jewellery by former Vogue editor.

Catherine, Princess of Wales named a disappointment to fashion

Catherine, Princess of Wales named a disappointment to fashion

Fashion critic Suzy Menkes, 79 - who was awarded an OBE in 2014 by the late Queen Elizabeth for her dedication to fashion journalism – isn’t a fan of the princess’ choices of accessories and wishes she shared Queen Camilla’s enthusiasm for dressing up in diamonds.

Suzy invited British Vogue’s jewellery editor Carol Woolton, onto the latest episode of her podcast 'Creative Conversations', to discuss Kate’s fashion.

She said: “The Princess of Wales is a bit of a disappointment about jewellery. She gives the impression that she only puts it on when she absolutely has to.

“I imagine her looking beautiful in one of those gowns behind the scenes and then pulling a face as if to say, ‘Do I have to wear this?’

“She doesn’t give any sense of adoring jewellery and being pleased to put it on.

“She doesn’t seem to have Camilla’s joy at wearing jewellery.”

Suzy slammed Catherine for her apparent indifference towards the vast offerings of jewellery that she’s privileged to choose from for public engagements, and doesn’t think her interest in the precious gems will change.

She added: “We now have a new Queen, so presumably she has a first opportunity to look at the jewels.

“We can imagine that the next in line to the throne’s wife would be something that was very special, so will we see Catherine wearing jewellery that is more dramatic, that is more personal to her?

“I don’t know. I can’t help feeling with things of beauty, you either love it or you don’t.”