Celine Dion is "never afraid" to try different outfits.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker's stylist Law Roach has revealed the 49-year-old singer is happy to experiment with her fashion choices and insists no outfits are every planned and the pair decide on what Celine can wear based on "what resonates on the day".

He said: "The Gucci is very much a new side of her, this experiment with silhouette and embellishment. I can literally bring Céline any silhouette, any colour and she will want to see it on.

"Some things just don't work, that's the nature of fashion, but she's never afraid to find out. It's never planned, though, we always go with what resonates on the day ...

"The clothes you see in the picture are all her clothes, she comes to this room to get dressed every day with me. She comes down in the morning, we greet each other, and then based on her mood we'll choose her outfit for the day."

And Law is able to read his client easily, knowing what sort of outfit to suggest.

He added: "I've been working with her for a year now so I kind of know what she's in the mood for - she'll give me an impression that she's thinking jeans, or something really cool and relaxed, or some days she'll want to be more dressed up. It depends on the weather, and what she did last night!"

Celine sought out Law after the tragic death of her husband René Angélil and the stylist is glad he could help with the "healing process" following René's death in some way.

Law told The Telegraph: "Beyond anything else, it's just enough for me that this amazing woman has had a good time and that I could help in any way with her healing process."

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