Celine Dion hopes her gender neutral children's clothing line will give children a "chance to feel free to find their own individuality".

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 50-year-old singer recently launched her label Celinununu and all the clothes on sale online and in-store are not marketed towards any specific gender and she just wants kids to rid themselves of stereotypes and dress however they want.

In an interview with website Refinery29, she said: "It's not that we're hoping to shift gender norms with Celinununu. It's more about offering a choice and giving children a chance to feel free to find their own individuality, their own true essence without being tied to stereotypes. I think that every child needs to have their own identity, to express themselves freely, and to not feel like they have to be like someone else."

Celine - who has three sons, eight-year-old fraternal twins Nelson and Eddy and 17-year-old René, with her late husband René Angélil - is aware that her venture has attracted some criticism but she is adamant she doesn't want to "tell parents how to raise their children" but simply wants to offer a choice.

She said: "Anytime you introduce change, you're going to get a bit of push back - this is normal. We're also getting a lot of great feedback from people who understand that I'm not trying to tell parents how to raise their children. Every parent should do what they feel is right for them and for their children. We're just offering other choices and letting them know that you don't have to follow stereotypes."

Celine has revealed that her twin boys are big fans of the Celinununu line and love to wear the creations from the nununu team.

She said: "My oldest son is 17, so no it's not for him. Eddy and Nelson just turned eight and even though they're twins, they are very different from each other. Both wear the line and they both think it's great."

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