Charlotte Tilbury wanted to work with Elizabeth Taylor.

Charlotte Tilbury wishes she had worked with Elizabeth Taylor

Charlotte Tilbury wishes she had worked with Elizabeth Taylor

The celebrity makeup artist - who has painted many A-list faces such as Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Emma Roberts and Alessandra Ambrosio - grew up loving Old Hollywood, an era that inspired her love of makeup and was upset to never get to do the ‘Cat on A Hot Tin Roof’ star’s makeup before she died in 2011, aged 79.

The 49-year-old makeup mogul told “I was about eight years old. I had black-and-white posters on my wall. I would just sit there, like, studying and counting Marilyn Monroe's eyelashes and Marlene Dietrich eyelashes. Many of my products were inspired from those black-and-white pictures. That stayed with me. I ended up working on the red carpet and with some of the biggest Old Hollywood stars, some of them have died now, like Jackie Kennedy Onassis's sister Lee Radziwill. Elizabeth Taylor, I never got to work with her in the end, but so many of them were such an inspiration to me.”

Charlotte - who runs a successful eponymous cosmetic brand that celebrates her admiration of the Golden Age of movies and the beauty looks it made popular - loves how TikTok and YouTube give her a “direct dialogue” with her customers.

She said: “I'm a champion for the fact that you are able to speak to so many audiences and speak directly to your consumer. That's what is so great about having YouTube and having all these different platforms—you didn't have to rely only on one mode, whether it's TV or whatever it is—that you can have this direct dialogue with your consumer. It's so amazing because there's so much I want to tell them, and they can tune in so many different ways for different tutorials and different conversations.”