Coco Jones "doesn't have time" to experiment with her makeup.

Coco Jones only uses makeup products she trusts

Coco Jones only uses makeup products she trusts

The 26-year-old star is very "intentional" with her looks and is only willing to use the products that she knows really work for her because of her hectic schedule.

She told People: "There's always some new thing, but I feel like I want what really works. I don't have the time to be doing all that experimentation. I like an intentional beauty routine and intentional self-care routine. I’m not focused on whatever's trending at that time, just products that I trust."

The 'Bel-Air' actress has now teamed up with Shea Moisture for its very first antiperspirant and reassured her fans that she would not endorse any product unless she felt "passionate" about it to begin with.

She said: "I feel like any product that they have, I would trust.

"Anything that I speak on, I really do feel passionately about. I think my fans know that I don't lead them astray, I fell in love with SheaMoisture when [focusing on] caring for my natural hair. I apply a lot of heat and do a lot of extensions, weaves and wigs. I needed something that was going to [nourish] my real hair. That's when I got into the brand, and I’ve been a big fan ever since.

"Being on the go, all the time, I need something that will last all day. I don't have the time to be carrying all types of products with me from studio, to rehearsal, to stage, to interview.” I'm very much Capricorn [in that] when something is done, I’m moving onto the next stage, and I like products that move with me.