Beyonce's mom had to make Destiny's Child's clothes because "a lot of designers" refused to dress them.

Destiny's Child struggled to get designer clothes in their early days

Destiny's Child struggled to get designer clothes in their early days

The group became household names in the early 2000s after a line-up change saw Michelle Williams join existing members Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, and though they often wore matching outfits at the time, the 'Survivor' hitmakers had to be resourceful when it came to their iconic looks.

Michelle told Australia's Marie Claire magazine: “At the time, before Destiny’s Child really, really blew up, the unfortunate thing was that a lot of designers would not dress Destiny’s Child.

“So, Beyoncé’s mother, with her background designing clothing (being a seamstress and having that kind of training), she would literally have to get a budget from the record label and go to a fabric store.”

But as the group's star rose even higher, designers clamoured to dress the trio and they were thrilled to always be able to find distinctive outfits that complemented one another so they never fought over clothes.

Michelle added: “That’s really how things happened. Then, you know, certain designers started to be like ‘oh, okay’,” she explains. “Most of the time a collection would have three or four pieces in the same collection.

“So, it was really cool, because I don’t like certain things that Kelly does or Beyoncé liked certain things, so it all worked out. We never had to fight or anything.”

Michelle enjoys a quieter life these days and she sees being able to walk around relatively unbothered as a "blessing".

She said: “Time away… It’s so funny because one of the lines in this Uber One commercial, I say ‘I was in one of the most iconic girl groups and nobody recognises me’. It’s so coo.

“I learned how to manoeuvre. I walk down these streets since I’ve been here…I haven’t been here in a while. I feel like the younger people, they’re too young to know. And then some of the people my age are like, ‘That’s not her walking down the street’.

“I just think of everything as a blessing."