Dua Lipa buys herself a new bag every time something "significant" happens.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

The 21-year-old singer has admitted she is building up a large collection of designer handbags, with her most prized possession being a Chanel accessory, but she has revealed she will only "treat" herself to a luxury item if she has been successful and believes it warrants a present.

Speaking about her favourite wardrobe staple and shopping sprees, the brunette beauty said: "My Chanel bags [are her biggest extravagance] - I got a second one recently. I treat myself to them when something significant happens."

And the 'Scared To Be Lonely' hitmaker has revealed she has a lot of sassy moments, but she only loses her temper because she feels passionate about a project.

She explained: "I have occasional sass moments because I feel very strongly about my project and want everything to be amazing."

Although Dua claims she only has the "occasional" bad temper, she has admitted she struggles to keep calm in heated situations.

She continued: "I find it hard to stay cool-headed in that situation".

And the London-born songwriter has revealed the biggest misconception about her is that she was a successful model, and she has revealed her stint in the fashion industry was simply a "blip" in her younger years.

She explained: "That I was a successful model. It was just like a blip in my life when I was really young. I did it for extra cash."

Meanwhile, Dua believes it is important for stars to never forget their roots and their journey and to "always" be "nice and humble".

Speaking about her life lessons to Grazia magazine: "Always remember where you started and why you started. Always be nice and humble and help anyone who is trying to do the same thing as you."