Edie Campbell

Edie Campbell

Edie Campbell thinks her new hair has given her a more daring edge.

The 22-year-old British beauty traded her long brown locks for a dyed black mullet earlier this year and she thinks it makes casting directors see her in a different way.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "The girl in the long grass - the 60s Woodstock girl - has been killed off. I think it allows people to reconsider what jobs you might be good for."

Her hair experimentation is unlikely to end there, as she is already considering even more daring styles.

When asked if she will change her style again, she replied: "Always! But I think I should try and avoid bleaching it or I might just end up bald!"

Edie has also just finished her degree in Art History from London's Courtauld Institute of Art - scoring a first - and is relieved she can now concentrate solely on her modelling career.

She added: "It's a huge relief. Juggling work and my degree was a bit of a nightmare, so I'm very pleased to have finished!"

Edie plans to celebrate her graduation by engaging in plenty of horse-riding and a trip to Sri Lanka to see the elephants with her mother, former Tatler and Vogue fashion editor and now architect, Sophie Hicks.

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