Elizabeth Banks is "trying" the "holistic approach" to skincare.

Elizabeth Banks is the new face of British skincare brand No7

Elizabeth Banks is the new face of British skincare brand No7

The 'Cocaine Bear' star, who turns 50 early next year, has become the face of British skincare brand No7 and has explained how over the years she has gotten "too much sun, not enough hydration" and "not enough sleep," which can all impact the skin.

She told WWD: “I’m approaching a milestone birthday soon, and I think I’ve had some skincare regrets in my life."

Elizabeth continued: “When I say that, what I mean is I just think I haven’t put my skin first.

“I mean, we all know it — too much sun, not enough hydration, not enough sleep. I think your best skin starts from within. So, sleep and diet, that really matters. I’m trying to take a holistic approach. And then you also need things like No7 to, you know, to take that sort of external approach. There’s the internal and the external. And I think that, for me, that’s what this moment is about. It’s sort of, ‘How do I incorporate products in a holistic routine?’”

It was the brand's "science-backed formulas" that allured Elizabeth to join No7.

She said: “What I love about No7 is, one, they have science-backed formulas.

“I’m totally a science nerd. And they’re proven to reverse visible signs of skin damage and ageing….The other thing I really love about them, honestly, is it’s an approachable company. They’re accessible. There’s a true accessibility about them. You know, it feels like it’s for everyone. I feel like I’m getting an incredibly quality product but, frankly, at drugstore prices, and I just love that.”

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