Elizabeth Hurley "always" sleeps with the window open to reduce the puffiness around her eyes.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

The 51-year-old actress has revealed she has followed the beauty advice her grandmother gave her and always cracks open a window in her bedroom when she sleeps, whatever the weather, so she wakes up with flawless complexion and more energy.

Speaking about her beauty secrets, which have been passed down through generations, she said: "Well my grandmother always said you have to sleep with the window open. She said if you don't sleep with a window open you will wake up with puffy eyes and feel floppy all day. So no matter how cold it is I always crack the window open and just put on an extra blanket. And I never have the heating on in my bedroom."

The British model also swears by Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair cream, which she has been applying to her face for over two decades, to help reduce the signs of ageing and tiredness and leave her with glowing skin.

She explained: "I've been working with the Estée Lauder company for 22 years now and right at the beginning of my contract they gave me a bottle of Advanced night Repair, which is a serum, and I have used that twice a day since then. It's a beautiful product. It hydrates and it makes you glow."

The 'Royals' star has decided to take copy her co-star Dame Joan Collins' beauty routine and leave moisturising creams all over her home because she believes the 83-year-old actress has "the most beautiful skin".

She told US Weekly: "Now Joan's in her 80s and she has the most beautiful skin. Now, she told me that all around the house she puts pots of moisturiser and pots of eye creams, so whenever she goes to the bathroom she puts more on, when she goes to her car she puts more on. So I am copying Joan."

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