Emily Ratajkowski doesn't follow trends.

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't follow trends

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't follow trends

The 'Gone Girl' actress would rather stick with what she is comfortable in and knows works for her rather than choose an outfit based on what is fashionable at the moment.

She told PopSugar: "I've made the mistake of trying [trends] before. What makes me happy is just knowing that I look good...

"I just try to really take a second and be like, OK, what do I want to feel like today? Am I comfortable? Am I kicking [but] and wearing heels? What's the vibe?"

The 32-year-old beauty's biggest beauty regret is tweezing her eyebrows too much as a teenager and even having her cousin shave them at one point.

She noted: "I've been on a journey with my eyebrows."

But Emily knows everyone makes mistakes and she tries not too be too critical of herself these days.

She reflected: "I was so hard on myself, and I get it, it's what we do, but God, it's so not nice."

Emily has teamed up with Viktor + Rolf for the launch of their new Flowerbomb Tiger Lily frangrance and she loved the tropical scent of the perfume, which features notes of coconut milk, mango and tiger lily.

She said: "I grew up in North County, San Diego, very close to the beach, and I just grew up wearing a bikini — very much in beach culture.

"[With this fragrance] I immediately feel like I'm transported to a beach after a long day of being in the sun and dipping in salt water.

And the Flowerbomb line is familiar to the brunette beauty because one of her friends wore it so she loves the fact fragrance can transport her somewhere, "even when you're in the dead of winter and in New York and very far from that feeling."

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