Emma Stone's Oscars dress "exuded" the journey she's had with 'Poor Things'.

Emma Stone in custom Louis Vuitton

Emma Stone in custom Louis Vuitton

The 35-year-old star - who scooped the Best Actress in a Leading Role honour - has opted for subtle nods to her alter ego Bella Baxter in her awards season outfit selection and though Sunday's (10.03.24) ceremony saw her close out her time with the character in a mint custom Louis Vuitton gown with peplum detail, she won't be leaving her behind completely.

Emma's stylist Petra Flannery told Vogue.com that Emma wanted to channel the "energy" of Bella and let the "modern simplicity" of the shell-printed dress do the talking.

She added: “We won’t leave Bella behind. This dress exudes the journey—and it’s been fun.”

The "hint of mint" in the dress first sparked Petra's imagination, and when she had looked up what the hue meant, she found the phrases "rebirth", "growth" and "new beginnings" regularly features.

She texted her high-profile client and exclaimed: “This is Bella! This is the character! It plays beautifully into the story.”

She added: “It feels celebratory.

“I want everyone to look at Emma and see her—it’s so elegant.

“It’s one of the prettiest colors I’ve ever worked with.

"It looks so beautiful on her.”

The gown was accessorised by a stunning diamond necklace boasting a 30.47-carat octagonal step-cut golden Sri Lankan sapphire in the centre.

Petra's comments about the dress echo what she has previously said about how she wanted to take playful references from Emma's 'Poor Things' performance into her awards season wardrobe.

She told Vogue at the BAFTAs: “We wanted to keep Emma, Emma but show her affinity with the character and Bella’s spirit.”