Emma Stone's stylist has insisted she showed "grace and elegance" during her Oscars wardrobe malfunction.

Emma Stone's stylist praises her reaction to her Oscars wardrobe malfunction

Emma Stone's stylist praises her reaction to her Oscars wardrobe malfunction

The 'Poor Things' star - who won the best actress prize for her role in the movie based on Alasdair Gray's 1992 novel - made headlines at the Academy Awards earlier this month when she admitted the back zipper of her custom Louis Vuitton dress has broken and she had to be "sewed back" into the gown.

Petra Flannery - who Emma has worked with for 17 years - told The Hollywood Reporter: "Emma made history in it, winning an Oscar, and she showed grace and elegance when it came to a now-famous wardrobe malfunction."

Emma insisted she was actually to blame for the awkward mishap, but again joked that Ryan Gosling's performance of 'I'm Just Ken' was the catalyst.

The 35-year-old actress said: “I made a big deal about busting the zipper, but it really was my fault.

“I would have busted the most industrial zipper on the planet during ‘I’m Just Ken.’ ”

For the mint green gown, the duo were inspired by Emma's 'Poor Things' character Bella Baxter, which helped lead to the crystals, sleeves, pearls and sherbert shades.

Petra explained: "Visually, the film had so much to offer."

Meanwhile, Emma admired the details Petra puts into her outfits.

She added: “I loved Petra’s idea with Louis Vuitton to create a bunch of pins for Bella Baxter, which I wore on a lot of the looks, as did Yorgos [Lanthimos] on his suits.”

The gown was accessorised by a stunning diamond necklace boasting a 30.47-carat octagonal step-cut golden Sri Lankan sapphire in the centre.

The "hint of mint" in the dress first sparked Petra's imagination, and when she had looked up what the hue meant, she found the phrases "rebirth", "growth" and "new beginnings" regularly features.

Speaking to Vogue.com, she recalled texting her high-profile client: “This is Bella! This is the character! It plays beautifully into the story.”

She added to the outlet: “It feels celebratory. I want everyone to look at Emma and see her — it’s so elegant.

“It’s one of the prettiest colors I’ve ever worked with. It looks so beautiful on her.”

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