Eva Longoria says it takes her a "week" to get ready for red carpet events.

Eva Longoria reveals how long it takes her to get red carpet ready

Eva Longoria reveals how long it takes her to get red carpet ready

The 47-year-old actress was spotted wearing a beaded Zuhair Murad gown at the Academy Awards on Sunday (12.03.23) and sported a wet-look hairstyle but noted in the days afterward that it takes her a considerable amount of time to get "nice and ready" before adding that she loves to use radiofrequency beauty procedures in the process.

She told E! News: "It's a week-long preparation! I've got to do hair colour, I've got to do my EvolveX to get nice and ready. They just do this tightening, lifting, brightening magic, so I love getting red carpet ready with those."

When it comes to skincare, the 'Desperate Housewives' star is a big fan of hyaluronic acid along with suncream because of how well the products "prepare" her skin for being able to cope with heavy layers of makeup as she insisted there is a "process" to achieving a good complexion.

She added: "I love my hyaluronic acid, the eye serum, the sunblock, all of it. It really preps my skin in a way that lets the makeup settle nicely on top. There's definitely a process to good skin, good makeup and good hair. And you can't have good makeup without good skin!"

What's more, Eva suggested to fans who would like to upgrade their look that they should use false eyelashes because of how much they can make the entire face "pop."

She said: "Any time you want to glam up your makeup look, lashes. If you just throw on a lash, it just makes your entire face pop."