Eva Longoria's mother has inspired her skincare routine.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

The 42-year-old actress associates beauty with her family and especially her mother, Ella Eva Mireles, who has a "simple" regime, and the star has revealed her parent "always" advised her to moisturise and apply creams in an upwards direction to boast flawless looking skin.

Speaking to US Weekly about her routine, the brunette beauty said: "My mom. I love how simple my mom is in her routine. She always taught me how to take care of my skin, how to put on cream, always put it up, up, up, don't put it down. So I always associate skincare and beauty with my family."

The former 'Desperate Housewives' icon has received "so much advice" over time about various treatments and beauty trends, but she swears by the motto "less is more".

Eva - who is married to Jose Baston - added: "[I have] received so much advice over the years. [But Eva believes] less is more when it comes to make-up.

"I'll put on my foundation and mascara and bronzer."

And the L'Oreal ambassador has admitted she is a "big sunblock proponent" and will always apply SPF on her skin and mix it with her products.

She said: "I use sunblock in everything. I put it on as a moisturiser; I put it on in my tinted moisturiser. I'm a big sunblock proponent."

Eva will often opt to wear a minimal amount of cosmetic products, and she has urged other women to "be true to who you are" and avoid piling on a lot of make-up to their faces if it is not what they usually do.

She said: "So many times especially brides or women on their wedding day, they go on with this crazy face of make-up and they don't wear make-up in their life. And their wedding photos are like who is that? Just be true to who you are in your beauty routine."

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