The latest campaign from Victoria's Secret, #PerfectBody, has come under fire and fashion retailer JD Williams have branded it exclusive and misguided.

JD Williams today launch their #PerfectlyImperfect campaign

JD Williams today launch their #PerfectlyImperfect campaign

There has been plenty of backlash over the lingerie brand's latest campaign with people referring to it as 'Offensive, cruel and irresponsible' (journalist Sarah Vine).

Even Australian model and swimwear designer Megan Gale hit out against the campaign, speaking on Friday's Today Show Grill Panel she joined the growing group of people claiming the campaign should feature women of 'different shapes and sizes'.

TV's Dr Christian Jessen also weighed in with his thoughts on Twitter.

Today in response to this JD Williams have launched a #PerfectlyImperfect campaign to promote body confidence for all women, of all ages, sizes and shapes which includes an image with a crucial point of difference - the models range from a size 10 to a size 16 - promoting beauty as a source of confidence.

Susan Rigland, CEO of eating disorder charity BEAT comments: "We are delighted to see JD Williams taking such a positive stance against the negative influence of the 'perfect fit'. We know perfection doesn't come in one size or shape, and how harmful it can be to pretend it does.

"We know that fashion has what it takes to get real and get in touch with what people want- images that show real health, real beauty and real lives."

The Victoria's Secret campaign promotes the hashtag #PerfectBody and claims to provide the perfect fit and comfort, but has been accused of using a toxic combination of super slim models and expert airbrushing to create an image of perfection unattainable for most women.

JD Williams hopes that by asking women to share their #FavouriteFlaw on social media channels they will be inspired to share the things they love about themselves and encourage others to look at their own bodies in a positive light - in a celebration of real beauty.

Ed Watson, JD Williams spokesperson comments: "We have a responsibility as a retailer to promote positive body image to our customers and that means being representative of women in the UK."

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