Gisele Bündchen “didn’t care” about wearing socks and sandals when she was younger.

Gisele Bundchen wore socks with sandals in the 90s

Gisele Bundchen wore socks with sandals in the 90s

The 41-year-old supermodel admitted how she “would go around like this everyday” - sporting Birkenstocks with socks - in her 90s early days of working in the fashion industry while reflecting on a shoot she did as a teenager with legendary photographer Juergen Teller.

Speaking to British Vogue in a video titled ‘Gisele Bündchen Breaks Down 22 Looks From 1982 to Now’, she said: “This was in London. Look at my Birkenstocks with socks. I mean, look at this style. I mean, this is how much I knew about fashion, okay. Look at what I’m wearing. I would just go around like this every day, thinking everything was fine. I didn’t care.

Gisele gave further insight into the snap, confessing that she had “no idea” whose car she was causally perching on and grateful “it didn’t have an alarm.”

She said: “I only worked with Jurgen many years later, and this was a Polaroid, this was a Polaroid that he took. I have no idea whose car it was, but you know. Thank god, it didn’t have an alarm. That would’ve been funny.

Still not over the look, Gisele said: “Who wears Birkenstocks with socks. I guess I do. I guess I did.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel - who has 12-year-old son Benjamin, nine-year-old daughter Vivian and 14-year old step-son John with her NFL husband Tom Brady, 44 - spilled about her “first show season in London” where she walked for Alexander McQueen in “impossible shoes” and called meeting the legendary designer, who died by suicide in 2010, aged 40, “the craziest thing”.

She said: “I mean, I didn’t speak English. It was my first show season in London. I did 42 castings. I remember going to all these castings and nobody would even look at my book because it was the heroin chic time and I didn’t look nothing like the heroin chic, obviously, as you can see in the picture.

“I went to do this casting for Alexander McQueen and there were girls around the block. There were like a thousand girls. It was the craziest thing.

“And he [McQueen] was just sitting on this couch and he would just go and say, walk. And he would put you in these impossible shoes.”