Anne-Marie "won't let anyone touch" her eyebrows.



The British pop star is "very intensely proud" of her brows after trying out various different shapes growing up, including the 90s trend of having them extremely thinly plucked, and she doesn't want anyone messing with them.

She said: "I definitely followed the trends when I was younger, when it was a thing to pluck your eyebrows really thin – I did that. Oh, I had tadpoles and a straight line – both! It’s cool now because you can recreate the look by covering real brows with foundation and glue, then drawing them on, but back then you actually had to pluck your eyebrows into that shape. After that, I decided to grow my eyebrows and now I’m very intensely proud and won’t let anyone touch them."

The 'Come Over' singer also revealed that she does her own make-up on tour because it's part of her self-care routine.

She added to Vogue: "I do my own make-up on tour and that’s always my time to just chill and have a moment with myself. When you do your make-up every morning that’s your spa moment of the day, and I think it’s important to take that time to do it for yourself. I now realise that it’s not selfish to look after yourself – if you’re not happy, you can’t make others feel happy either. Doing anything to make yourself feel special, whether it’s a massage or a spa once a month, makes the world of difference.”

The pink-haired star also spoke about the importance of normalising having spots by not using filters on social media.

She said: "Because I’ve struggled a bit on social media, whenever I have spots I post a story and show people that. As soon as you see these things, it becomes normal. I follow lots of women who aren’t scared to show their real bodies – they’re in bikinis and showing their cellulite and belly rolls and I’m like ‘wow'. That makes me want to go out and not worry about what people think because that’s actually what’s real.”