Jamie Redknapp has insisted his clothing line is "made to last".

Jamie Redknapp co-founded Sandbanks five years ago

Jamie Redknapp co-founded Sandbanks five years ago

The former footballer co-founded Sandbanks five years ago and while the shirt jackets start at over £400 and long-length puffer coats retail at more than £750, the 'League of their Own' panellist insisted the high price point is justified.

He told Ireland's Business Post newspaper: “I wasted loads of money on clothes in the past, as we all do, but these jackets are made to last.”

The 50-year-old pundit described the clothes - which are made using recycled plastic bottles from the ocean and landfill - as “cool, well-designed and incredibly well-made clothes" and it is important to him that they are available to buy in physical stores, not just online.

Of the brand's recent concession at Brown Thomas in Dublin, he said: “It was amazing to hear that the brand was going to be stocked there.

“I’m old-school. I like to feel and touch clothes before I buy them, and I’m really pleased that customers in Dublin will be able to try on the jackets too.”

Jamie credits his interest in fashion to his older brother Mark and admitted it has been a passion from a young age.

He said: “He was a very stylish big brother and I always looked up to him. He wore Fila and Kappa and all those very trendy brands.

“Clothes have always appealed to me."

Jamie got his first taste for design as a teenager, working with her dad Harry Redknapp to redesign a football kit.

He recalled: "I remember helping my dad redesign one of the playing kits when he was managing Bournemouth. I was only 14 or 15. We gave the shorts a longer cut and changed the colours to red and black, just like AC Milan.”

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